Burma Border Projects Welcomes a Dynamic New Board

Dr. Kathleen Allden is a psychiatrist with 30 years experience creating clinical and community based responses for psychosocial and neuropsychiatric consequences of war, refugee displacement, and human rights abuse. She is currently on faculty at Dartmouth and formerly Medical Director of the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma. She developed two programs for refugees in Boston dealing with torture, trafficking, sexual trauma, and political violence and has provided training and consultation for numerous organizations in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. In 2015, she produced the definitive text on how to do more good than harm in providing services to damaged refugee populations (see article below).

Steve Brake is a partner and trial lawyer at the Boston law firm of Nutter McClennen & Fish LLC, where he has practiced for almost thirty years. He is a graduate of Duke University and Boston College Law School. He has a longstanding interest in civil rights, civil liberties and development issues, including those issues as they pertain to Southeast Asia in general and Burma in particular.

Dr. Elizabeth Call is a clinical psychologist in Cambridge, MA.   She has been a clinical supervisor at the trauma center in Boston, a clinical fellow at Harvard Medical School and with Michael Forhan, is a founder of BBP.   Libby lived in a monastery in Burma for a traditional 3 month retreat and is interested in the benefits of meditation practices for healing trauma. She is also an accomplished photographer.

Phyllis Deutsch is Editor in Chief at University Press of New England.

Dr. Michelle Engels is a clinical psychologist from Australia with over ten years of experience in the treatment of substance misuse, chronic illness and traumatic stress. She’s worked on numerous large-scale research projects, been a guest lecturer in universities throughout Queensland, and has just completed a tour of duty as an Australian Ambassador for Development in Kenya. We welcome Michelle to our group, and are delighted to have her as our new Field Director in Mae Sot. (See article below.)

Anita Fabos is an anthropologist and Associate Professor at Clark University who has worked with refugees and other forced migrants in urban settings in the Middle East, Europe, and the United States. Formerly the Director of the Forced Migration and Refugee Studies program at the American University in Cairo, and Program Coordinator for the graduate program in Refugee Studies at the University of East London, Anita has been involved in research, teaching and the practical application of knowledge and experience to maximize the positive effect of refugee assistance in many different countries.

Dr. Christina Fink is an anthropologist and the author of Living Silence in Burma: Surviving under Military Rule (2009). She was educated at Stanford University and U.C. Berkeley and has served as the Thailand coordinator for the Open Society Institute’s Burma Project, the director of a foreign affairs training program for members of Burmese civil society organizations, and a program evaluation consultant for various development organizations. She is currently a Professor of Practice of International Affairs at George Washington University in Washington, D.C..

Michael Forhan founded BBP and has been its motivating personality from the outset. He’s run it on fumes and by hitting up his friends, and while he’s still centrally involved, he’s had the good sense to call in the cavalry. He’s a Vietnam vet, once worked in Rangoon, and just keeping BBP alive for all these years has been nothing short of heroic.

Judith Hayward is the former Vermont Health Care and Rehabilitation Services CEO.

Lucinda Lai joined BBP after graduating from Stanford University and moved to Mae Sot in 2011 to coordinate the writing of Trauma and Recovery at War’s Border. She is currently a medical student at Harvard Medical School.

George W. Nostrand is the managing partner of Salmon & Nostrand Law Offices of Bellows Falls, Vermont.  He practices in the area of corporate and business law, estate planning, estate and trust administration and commercial real estate.  Mr. Nostrand received his B.A. degree, cum laude, from Keene State College in 1970 and his J.D. degree, cum laude, from Saint Louis University in 1973.  Mr. Nostrand has served many years as counsel to local medical facilities, mental health agencies, at risk boys and girls schools, and other non-profit entities.

Dennis and Peg Paustenbach are philanthropists and art collectors, and Dennis also happens to be one of the country’s foremost toxicologists.

David Schmahmann is a lawyer and former partner of Steve Brake’s, a real estate developer and an award-winning novelist. He has practiced law in Rangoon and published on Burmese corporate law issues, and has been involved with Burma Border Projects almost since its inception.

Meredith Walsh is a Master of Public Health and Nurse Practitioner who has been working on the Thailand-Burma border since 2005 as an independent consultant. She has served as technical advisor for reproductive health at Mae Tao Clinic, Burma Medical Association, and the Adolescent Reproductive Health Network. She is co-founder along with Michael Forhan of a non-profit that assists refugees from Burma newly resettled in Worcester, MA and works in primary care as a family nurse practitioner at a community health center in Worcester.

Dr. YiDing Yu is a veteran of the Thai-Burma border who has worked with community organizations to promote health and human rights. Currently a resident of Boston, she is a practicing physician, innovator, and award-winning entrepreneur.

In addition to the Board we are pleased to announce our new collaboration with Clark University.  As part of this collaboration, Clark University graduate student Heidi Biron, a native of Barre, MA who is working on her M.A. in International Development and Social Change, will be working with the board to help supervise, monitor and analyze the effects that BBP’S various projects have on the population groups we are seeking to help. Heidi is tireless, and we are grateful for the help she has already given.