Capacity Building

In order to promote sustainability and create an educational environment with an emphasis on life-long learning, we are offering several capacity building courses and programs to adults living in Mae Sot.

The goal of these programs is eventually to hand over the operation of New Wave Learning Center to our Burmese community, with the school being operated and fully supported by its own community.

Capacity Building Workshops in Mae Sot

Computer Classes for Refugees and Migrants

Thanks to a donation from Harrow International School Bangkok, we are now equipped with basic computers, which we have installed in the New Wave Learning Center. Our first task is to provide basic computer classes for the Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

Currently, all records for New Wave are kept on paper hard copies. This creates a painstaking process that is very difficult to update if new children arrive or current students leave the school. In turn, it is difficult to collect data and maintain reliable records of our student population and their progress. This hinders not only our ongoing programs but also the development of the school as a whole.

To address this concern, we are beginning to offer computer classes to the PTA. The first goal is to instruct them on the basic use of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Office. In addition to benefiting the individuals being taught, this training will also benefit the school and our community. Computer skills are essential for most modern jobs. This knowledge will help our community members to find additional employment opportunities both in Thailand or back in Burma if they choose to return.

In the future, we are planning to offer computer classes for the students of New Wave as well.

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