Psychosocial Programs

10628477_998926686799537_3647479563521203874_nChild Protection: Ongoing child protection case management to children and their families: BBP receives approx. 8-10 new child abuse and neglect referrals through the Child Protection network (CPRS) per month and provides support, assessment, case management and counseling as appropriate.

  • BBP offers group sessions for adolescent girls recovering from sexual assault.
  • Supported through Room 2 Grow, BBP developed a ‘Kids Deserve to be Safe’ poster campaign to raise awareness of issues related to child abuse and neglect.

13177119_1431469880211880_2290757906887717615_nPlay Therapy for children residing at partnering safe houses: Presently, BBP provides psychosocial play therapy at partner community based organizations. Taking advantage of children’s natural inclination to play, BBP promotes, fosters, and encourages healthy development and attachment, social skills, and self-esteem. Play is a powerful, natural behavior which is an essential and integral part of all children’s healthy growth, development, and learning across all ages, domains, and cultures. It expands self-expression, self-knowledge, self-actualization and self-efficacy.

11999010_1253539001338303_3357883935058812182_nYouth Mentoring Program: The Youth Mentoring Program was developed by BBP to address the common issues faced by migrant youth. The program introduces coping skills, provides preventative information surrounding substance abuse, and teaches communication and leadership skills. The aim is to foster within the youth a sense of responsibility to be a role model for their younger peers. It also helps to ensure that migrant youth in the Mae Sot community feel safe and are encouraged to lead a productive life, regardless of gender, status or level of education.