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Serving Thai-Burma Border Refugees Since 1999

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20+ Years

Burma Border Projects (BBP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing educational opportunities and psychosocial support to refugees from Burma (Myanmar) living along the Thai-Burma border.

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Orphans Sheltered in a Safe House For Several Years



Trainings in Counselling and Mental Health



People Received Educational or Psychosocial Help



Schools, Safe Houses, Orphanages and Clinic Facilities Built


What we do for refugees in Thailand

Mental Health & Psychosocial Support

We provide psychosocial help in the form of one-on-one trauma therapy and counseling training.

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Child Protection Services

BBP has a long and proud history of protecting the most vulnerable from abuse and exploitation.

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Educational Programs & Teacher Salaries

We provide funds for the salaries of our teachers and donate much-needed school supplies.

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Our team is always looking for volunteers. Join us in creating life opportunities for refugees on the Thai-Burma border.

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As a recent graduate from the MSc in Migration Studies in Oxford, I firmly believe that BBP’s approach is the right way to empower displaced people. Funding teachers and schools reaches a bigger audience than student-focused approaches. In combination with the often-overlooked mental health component – a golden combo!

Anke Hofstra

Intern at BBP

For the past three years, BBP has helped Champion School in many ways. They pay all the teachers’ salaries which allowed the teachers to provide school uniforms.  BBP also provided a magnificent new classroom building and supplies that allowed the students to paint and draw in their classrooms. BBP made new toilets for the students. They built two beautiful gardens and gave camera shooting training for Grade 7 children. School desks, whiteboards, stationery,  raincoats, shoes, and water bottles were also donated by BBP.

U Tin Shwe

Head- Teacher at Champion School, Mae Sot

For the past three years, BBP has paid all of our school’s electricity and water bills. An A4 copier and printer were also donated along with raincoats and water bottles for the children and teachers and shoes for the children.  Thank you, BBP. 


Daw Soe Sandar

Head-Teacher at the SunSet Night School