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At BBP, we fund a variety of training for either health specialists, or teachers.
For example, BBP trained medical staff on improving communication skills with patients. The training also included elements of staff self-care, supporting medical staff to identify in themselves and their colleagues warning signs of burn-out and stress management strategies to support wellbeing. Hay Mar San even taught yoga classes for staff who were interested to learn more about effective stress management techniques!
Mae Tao clinic staff were also trained to identify warning signs of child abuse and SGBV in presenting patients. Staff were also taught about common mental health presentations (anxiety, depression, PTSD) and were trained to identify and provide basic support and action appropriate referrals.
A youth mentoring program was started at the Children’s Development Centre (CDC) school which aimed to support students to act as mentors for their peers in discussing important issues facing youth and the community at large.  Six youth trainers formed part of the initial cohort and were trained and supervised to provide support to peers. The program has since undergone continued refinement and a cascade model has been utilized where possible where those that have benefited from peer support go on to become mentors themselves (after training and supervision).

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