We provide psychosocial help in the form of one-on-one trauma therapy and counseling training.

BBP has an established history of providing mental health and psychosocial support services along the Thai-Burma border to those who have fled conflict and persecution. WHO estimates that more than one fifth of those fleeing suffer a mental health condition as a result. In response to a request by world-renowned humanitarian Dr. Cynthia Maung, BBP’s counselling program was started in 1999 to address the enduring trauma resulting from the ongoing conflict in Burma.

Our counseling program receives oversight from leading mental health experts, including BBP’s founding board member Dr. Kathy Allden, author of ‘Trauma and Recovery on War’s Border’ and co-author of The Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma. Over the last 20 years, BBP has dispatched numerous teams of clinicians under Dr. Allden to the border to train indigenous medics how to identify and treat psychological trauma in culturally appropriate ways.

BBP funded the construction of a three-story building on Dr. Cynthia’s Mae Tao Clinic grounds located in Mae Sot, where the first professionally-staffed counseling center along the Thai-Burma border is housed and where BBP staff trains indigenous medics in trauma therapy.

BBP’s long-standing presence and established trust with communities in and around the Mae Sot area on the Thai-Burma border makes it possible for us to bring care to those requiring mental health and psychosocial support. Tens of thousands living on the border have been served by BBP’s counseling program, and we have only just begun—BBP is relaunching its mental health programming with an ambitious agenda

to reach more people than ever on the Thai-Burma border. Please stay tuned for more on our website and social media platforms, or reach out to us directly for further information